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Fulghum Fibres Chile S.A.

General information
Common name: Fulghum Fibres Chile S.A.
Legal name: Fulghum Fibres Chile S.A.
Activity: Servicio de Transformación de Madera en Astillas
Address: Av. Costanera S/N, Schwager, Coronel, Reg. VIII
Phone: (56-41) 271-0720
Fax: (56-41) 271-0378

Position Name
General Manager Juan Pablo Del Solar K.
Administration & Finance Manager Lorena Sánchez A.
Development Manager Gerardo Herrera
Plant Manager Karim Riquelme
Branch Office Chief of Puerto Montt Jorge Mayorga

Los Sauces
Planta Coronel (Volterra)
Planta PAC
Planta Valdivia
Puerto Montt

Products, equipment and services
Industrial services
Wood chipper
Wood chippers
Woodchips classifiers, sorters
Woodchips management systems
Wood yard preparation equipment

Fulghum Industries Inc. United States